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Our Corporate Affairs team are the voice of The Warehouse Group, promoting and driving the Group's communication strategy. This encompasses the groups corporate communications, external comms, internal comms and stakeholder/government relations.

Our Corporate Affairs Partners ensure our team members are informed and feel connected to our business goals and aspirations. From an external perspective they help to drive positive coverage of our brands coupled with safe guarding our reputation through crisis management.

Delivering meaningful work and creating powerful stakeholder outcomes is what motivates this team, and we rely on their excellent verbal and written skills to achieve this.


Bronwyn - Corporate Affairs Community Lead

"I love the people that I work with, they are really down to earth. I like that there is so much variety across TWG roles and that you can use your proven behaviour skills to try out new roles and learn on the job".
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Human Resources
Our Human Resource department support and nurture over 11,000 team members throughout their retail careers. Primarily, our goal is to attract and retain the best talent, along with supporting and empowering our people to be the best that they can be. 
Technology continues to evolve and is a huge enabler to our success. As our business develops, we need the infrastructure in place to support it. Our IT team are vital in continuously improving, innovating, modernising and maintaining our infrastructure of tools and services.
Our Buying team are at the heart of our business. Our experienced team manage the intricate buying journey across all of our brands. Responding to changing markets and customer needs, the buying team are true experts in range builds, customer profiling, product sourcing and development. 
Working closely with our Buying teams, our Design team are one of the first to bring our product ranges to life!
Having the right mix of products, at the right time, in the right stores and at the right price is paramount. Our planners deliver best-in class merchandise financial and assortment planning of both our in-season and pre-season merchandise.
Corporate Affairs
Our Corporate Affairs team are the voice of The Warehouse Group, promoting and driving the Group's communication strategy. This encompasses the groups corporate communications, external comms, internal comms and stakeholder/government relations.
Marketing, Digital & eCommerce
Our passionate marketers are experts in positioning our brands to attract, excite and retain our customers to keep them coming back for more! As an omni-channel retailer, we market ourselves across various communication platforms.
Data & Insights
Our Data and Insights team are experts in exploiting the data, science, analytics, research and design-led thinking to truly understand what our customers want and to create a competitive advantage for our business
Our Finance team provides the commercial and financial knowledge that allows us to grow as a business and ensures our long-term financial sustainability. 
Our Services side of the business is a key differentiator in setting us apart from the competition. Our team are dedicated to unlocking services potential across the wider group to ensure we deliver fantastic customer outcomes.
Retail Operations
Our Retail Operations team are the backbone of our operations and the subject matter experts in developing and coordinating the right environment to create great retail experiences. 
The Warehouse Group is committed to operating in a sustainable manner and our Sustainability team actively take steps to champion our committment to sustainability.
The Warehouse Group Business
The Warehouse Group Business (TWGB) is powered by team members in account management, sales management and sales support functions, covering the breadth of New Zealand. 
Contact Centre
Our Contact Centre teams focus on providing exceptional customer service, responding quickly and with quality information, to maintain and protect our brand and reputation. 
Supply Chain & Logistics
Every product arrives in our stores as the result of a complex journey all managed by our supply chain. The team work in partnership with the operations team and are responsible for increasing efficiencies and innovating logistics that better service our customers


We offer a range of benefits that work for you, your lifestyle and your career.
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Team Card
Your team card gives you significant savings at each of our brands including The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationery and Noel Leeming. 
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Lifestyle Leave
If you'd like to spend more time at home, on holiday, or on your passion projects, you can apply to adjust your salary and take an extra 5 or 10 day leave each year.
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Fully paid jury service
If you are called up for Jury Service, you'll be fully paid for your usual working hours, less the court fees you'll receive.
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Birthday Leave
To celebrate and recognise your special day, each year, you will be entitled to a day of paid leave to celebrate your birthday.
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Ease back to work 
When returning to work after paid parental leave, we'll help you Ease Back to Work. For the first four weeks, you work four days a week and are paid for five.  
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Long Service Recognition
To celebrate & recognise 10 years of working with us, you'll get an extra four weeks leave, one-off, on top of your normal annual leave. You'll get another four weeks when you reach 20 and 30 years. 
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Career Break
If you need to take up to 12 months off work - to travel, study, or spend time with your family for example - you'll still have a job to come back to. 
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Be There: For Partners 
If you are welcoming a new born or adopted child into your family and arent taking paid parental leave, Be There: For Partners lets you spend up to five days additional paid leave at home.  
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Payroll Giving 
You can donate to charities and pay school fees through your pay - its easy, instant, and gives you a 33% tax credit. 
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Flexible Working Hours  
We provide a flexible working environment that supports achieving our goals as a business alongside our team members committments outside of work.
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Parental Leave 
We will top up your government parental leave payments to 100% of your full pay for a 26 week period to alleviate financial pressure for your family. 
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Funeral Cover  
We offer a 10k payment, and free cover for your children under 18.
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Parental Leave  
If you come back to work after parental leave, you will have continued to accrue annual leave at the same dollar rate as when you were working.  
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Bereavement Leave  
From the moment you join, you'll be eligible for leave that will cover the loss of immediate family members. 
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Sick Leave  
We encourage team members to take a proactive approach to their physical and mental wellbeing.  You have an annual sick leave entitlement of 10 days.  
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Through Benestar, you and your family have access to free confidential counselling and advice.  
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Family violence is not OK  
You have access to up to 15 days discretionary leave to deal with issues related to family violence.  
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Gender Transition Support  
Up to 10 days additional leave for gender reassignment surgery.  
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Wellbeing Support  
We provide free period products in team member bathrooms across all stores, distribution centres and support office locations. This is part of our committment to period product access.   
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Here for Good Leave  
You will have one day of paid leave every year to volunteer and do good in your local community.
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