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Team Card Your team card gives you significant savings at each of our brands, including The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationery, Noel Leeming, Torpedo7 and 1-day. 
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Lifestyle Leave If you’d like to spend more time at home, on holiday, or on your passion projects, you can apply to adjust your salary and take an extra 5 or 10 days leave each year. 
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Fully paid jury service  Jury service is an incredibly important part of our democracy, and we want our Team Members to participate. If you’re called up, you’ll be fully paid for your usual working hours, less the court fees you’ll receive. 
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Long Service Recognition
To celebrate and recognise 10 years of working with us, you’ll get an extra four weeks leave, one-off, on top of your normal annual leave. You’ll get another four weeks when you reach 20 and 30 years.

​​​​​​​Please note that Long Service Leave is a policy benefit that varies by brand, and you will need to check what, if any, long service leave benefit applies to the brand you work.
Career Break Icon
Career Break  If you need to take up to 12 months off work – to travel, study, or spend time with your family for example – you’ll still have a job to come back to. 
Payroll Giving Icon
Payroll Giving  You can donate to charities and pay school fees through your pay – it’s easy, instant, and gives you a 33% tax credit. 

Parents & Family

Be There Icon (Reversed)
Be There: For Partners
If you’re welcoming a new born or adopted child into your family and aren’t taking paid parental leave, Be There: For Partners lets you spend up to five days additional paid leave at home. 
Be There Icon (Reversed)
Ease back to Work  When returning to work after paid parental leave, we’ll help you Ease Back to Work. For the first four weeks, you work four days a week and are paid for five. 
Parental Leave Icon (Reversed)
Parental Leave: continue accruing annual leave  If you come back to work after parental leave, you will have continued to accrue annual leave at the same dollar rate as when you were working. 
Bereavement Leave Icon (Reversed)
Funeral Cover  We offer a 10k payment, and free cover for your children under 18. 
Bereavement Leave Icon (Reversed)
Bereavement Leave  From the moment you join, you’ll be eligible for leave that will cover the loss of immediate family members. 
Flexible Hours (Reversed)
Flexible Working Hours You will have access to some of the richest professional development.

Health & Wellbeing

Sick Leave Icon
Sick Leave You have an annual sick leave entitlement of eight days, plus unlimited accumulation. 
Suicide Risk Icon
Counselling  Through OCP, you and your family have access to free confidential counselling and advice. 
Family Violence Icon
Family Violence is Not OK  You have access to up to 10 days discretionary leave to deal with issues related to family violence. 
Transgender Icon
Gender Transition Support  Up to 10 days additional leave for gender reassignment surgery 
Suicide Risk Icon
Suicide: Supporting those at risk  This policy ensures that the cost of an initial GP visit is not a barrier to accessing professional help. It also has provision for a team member (with manager’s approval) to take an immediate family member to see a GP as a suicide intervention during work hours, without loss of pay. 
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