Diversity and Inclusion Cover

Inclusion & Diversity

At The Warehouse Group we are committed to providing a work environment where every team member can bring their whole self to work. 

​​​​​​​We hire on merit, operate with fairness & promote based on talent.

"My favourite part of my job is working with people from different parts of the world that have different expertise and life experiences"​​​​​​​.

Adriel Naiker
Design Thinking Chapter Member


Equal Opportunity

As a committed member of the Equal Employment Opportunties (EEO) initiative we actively work to eliminate barriers that can often prevent candidates from being considered for a role. We'll support you to perform at your best, we'll reward you fairly & team members have equal chances at leadership roles. 
We do this because its the right thing to do & because it makes great business sense. When everyone's included & supported, we benefit by retaining our best people & the innovation that comes from true diversity of thought. 

Rainbow Tick

Our LGBTQIA+ team members are an essential part of who we are, and we are proud to provide an environment where everyone can bring their wholeselves to work.

We are Rainbow Tick certified, achieving accreditation in 2017. Thats the same year we introduced our Gender Transition poilcy to ensure anyone on our team is fully supported if they're considering their identity or transitioning. We're also incredibly proud to support The Big Gay Out & Out in the City.



The TupuToa Internship Programme is an employment pathway for Maori and Pacific tauira (interns/learners). This year, The Warehouse Group have become a major partner and have committed to a three-year partnership with TupuToa. The programme seeks to ensure that Aotearoa's workforce is representative of our cultural diversity, by developing and empowering tauira to unlock their full potential and building cultural capability within their partner network. 


We are proud to celebrate the various cultures across our offices, stores and distribution centres and have set up a dedicated Maori culture group which provides insight and helps us to develop a more comprehensive Maori strategy. Our Te Kaa training programme for senior leaders provides foundational knowledge about Maori culture and how to consider Maori culture within the decision-making process. 

Lean In

In 2020, we launched Lean In, a peer-to-peer mentoring programme, that challenges gender bias through professional and leadership development opportunities. Lean In equips participants to navigate gender dynamics, lead authentically and gain confidence to pursue their dreams without bias or other barriers holding them back. 

Cultural Celebrations

Throughout the year we host internal events for our team members around our stores, our distribution centres and our Store Support Office. With 11,000 team members across the country, we feel we have a duty to not only celebrate the various cultures and ethnicities that encompass our organisation but to educate others as well.