Retailing in a digital world

Retailing in a digital world
People considering a career in retail often have a common concern – what is the future of retail given more and more Kiwis are shopping online? What is the future of The Warehouse Group?

Retailing in a digital world
Traditional retailers are generally working hard to make changes in today’s technology focused landscape. Did you know that more than half of New Zealanders now shop online, and that number is increasing every year? And with the evolution of machine learning and other technologies, work as we know it will be unrecognisable in just a few years.

Like in any big industry shift, it will be those businesses that are fully committed to transforming to meet the needs of the digital world that will thrive. That’s what The Warehouse Group has been doing – we’re working hard to stay ahead of the curve, so that we keep our customers delighted whether they choose to shop in our physical stores or online.

Forefront of digital retailing
The Warehouse Group is the largest retail group operating in New Zealand. We are at the forefront of digital retailing with a range of ecommerce online stores and mobile commerce apps for our well known brands such as The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationery, Noel Leeming, Torpedo7 etc. We are also moving rapidly in the voice commerce space. The possibility of innovation in digital retailing is endless.

We are shaking up the digital retail landscape by finding innovative ways to engage with our customers, beyond the traditional in-store shopping experience. We are using data science to guide our interactions with customers to provide a personalised experience, and to engage with our customers throughout their journey with us in both the physical and digital world.
We’re first and foremost about our customers and that means embracing new technology and engaging with our customers on their terms to deliver exciting and innovative solutions that make it easier for our customers to shop and be served – online and off. Our digital team is made up of some of the most innovative and talented minds in the world. Together, we’re redefining retail in New Zealand – and we’re always looking for people who want to come on the journey with us.

Game changing initiatives
There are plenty of online retailers out there – today that’s nothing new – customers can purchase from all over the globe with just a couple of clicks. Critical to the success of businesses like ours is navigating the pathway between bricks and clicks, to find compelling customer offers that deliver something more than our international competitors. That’s where our physical stores have an advantage.

Integrating instore and online technology is something we know will work well for our customers. Our click-and-collect offering, where you choose your products online, but collect them from our store when it’s convenient is already proving popular. The ‘endless aisle’ concept is also gaining traction, as customers realise that even though their local store may not stock an item, they can order it at our instore checkout for delivery or collection another time. We also offer one click purchasing and same day delivery and we are trialing two hour deliveries.

New technologies present many opportunism for The Warehouse Group and we are continually testing out new technologies like augmented reality (AR), gamification, bitcoin, mobile, blockchain, fluid collaborative tech to eliminate email, future of code, drones, self-driving cars, sharing economy, security, privacy, encryption, massive scale data, and even genomics, Singularity, biomed and fintech to understand where these fit in our future. Our digital ambitions have seen our tech stack take off at break neck speed, with API’s, the automisation of AI, Bots, machine learning, predictive intelligence, Cloud, green tech, voice frameworks and micro services becoming common place for us. It’s an exciting time and space – and our digital team is integral to the future of The Warehouse Group.

Start-up feel, corporate budget
Digital is increasingly touching every part of our customer’s journey, and every aspect of our business. Being such an important part of our success creates ‘edge of your seat’ excitement for us.

Within our digital team, there’s the buzz and dynamism of a small tech start-up, but with the budget and scale to make the vision a reality. They start conversations with MVP (minimal viable product) versus big iron ERP. And, even the big iron ERP is considered as a building block to the real innovation that sits on top of it. It’s a unique space to be in – it’s constantly changing and we all have the opportunity to tangibly change the face of retailing in New Zealand. We’ve broken down all the traditional silo’s that stop digital and technology teams performing and we’re removing any barriers as they appear to ensure that we aren’t waiting around for change. Where else could you make that level of impact?

The future of the retail industry is bursting with opportunity for those of us embracing a career in a digital world.

So, if you’re considering a new role in retail, The Warehouse Group is the place to be. We’re changing, innovating and evolving to meet our customers’ expectations by creating a digital shopping experience they never knew was possible. And all this in New Zealand!

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