Retail as a Career

There are some common misperceptions about the retail industry and we know first hand that they simply aren’t true. We’re working with industry bodies, universities and with our own Team Members to help to show that retail can be at the heart of a rewarding, well paid career.

That mission has always been important to us, but in 2013 we launched a strategy to drive Retail as a Career. Some of our initiatives are:

  • Partnering with Massey University to develop and launch the Bachelor in Retail and Business Management Degree.
  • Opening The Sir Stephen Tindall Learning Centre, a new purpose-built retail learning facility dedicated to developing and training our team members.
  • Creating the ‘Career Retailer Wage’ which recognises the skills and experience of Team Members who have completed all of their training and given more than 5000 hours or five years service.

Promoting Retail as a Career is all part of recognising and supporting the talents of those who work in this industry - and attracting new people to join us.

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