Recruitment Process

People thrive in roles where they’re the perfect fit. Our process is about helping us match the right people to their perfect roles.

Apply online

Submit your CV and cover letter – we’ll email you to confirm we got it.

We’ll keep you updated

Once we’ve reviewed all the applications, we’ll make an initial shortlist and may call you up to clarify anything. From this list, we’ll choose three or four candidates to interview.

Let’s meet

If you’re invited in for an interview, you’ll meet with your potential new manager and hear more about the role. This is your opportunity to share more about why you’re right for the role and show a bit of your personality. We’ll cover your work history and motivations, and we’ll want to hear some specific examples of times where you’ve displayed the skills and strengths needed for the role.

Background checks

At this point, we’ll do a bit of checking into your background. This could involve calling your references, verifying your identity, police vetting or credit checks. You’ll know exactly what we’re looking into before we start this process.

Psychometric testing

These tests help both of us decide whether you’d thrive in the role. They will help us understand things like your personality and your numeric, verbal and abstract reasoning. All tests are done by an independent external company – and not all roles will need psychometric testing.

Second interview

While not all roles will need one, a second interview will let you meet more people in the business, ask questions and explore the role in more detail. It also gives us another chance to meet you and confirm that you’d be a great fit with us and the role.

Welcome aboard

This is the good part – if you’re our chosen candidate for a role, we’ll send you a written contract to review and sign before we welcome you to the team.

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