Phil Morley

    National Loss Prevention Manager

    In my role, I look after the safety and security of the company and team members. I carry out and lead investigations into theft and fraud, and set up systems and processes to minimise shrinkage and loss. I also train team members on retail best practices, including audits, and consult on how to set up stores to minimise instances of theft, loss, burglary and robbery.
    To do all that I work with police, security consultants, Property, Store Development, Finance, Merchandise, Health and Safety, Store Operations and Stores. In fact, my role touches nearly everyone at The Warehouse Group (TWG).
    I’ve worked in retail all my life – nearly 27 years. I like working with the public, interacting with people, and the loss prevention, safety and security component. It helps to be working with a great team of people at TWG, not only my own team but the entire organisation. No day is ever the same – there’s something new and challenging regularly.
    I’m proud to think I’ve made a difference – shrinkage and stock-loss have reduced significantly over the last six years. I enjoy leading a great team who do the ‘grunt’ work out in the field, and I’ve had some nods: Store Support Office (SSO) Leader of the Year and SSO Health and Safety Champion – 2016.

    The changing face of retail

    Digital technology and all that this brings, is changing the retail landscape – it’s unrecognisable. Shopping will never be the same again, and it’s still got a way to go.
    TWG has developed new ways of working so team members can cope with the changes and stay ahead of the game. That means as retail changes, we are all changing with it – leaders, team members and customers, working together.

    Why join us?

    A role at TWG opens up doors and opportunities for learning and growth. Work hard and study hard – and you can achieve anything you wish for. If you have your eye on my role, it helps to be interested in risk, loss, safety and security.
    The work culture at TWG is friendly, forward-looking and professional. It’s an exciting place to work – no two days are ever the same. Have the latitude to bring your own influence to your role, and you’ll be supported to be the best you can be.
    Along with the friendly team, your Team Discount means you’ll regularly have opportunity to purchase goods at great discounted prices. If you are community-minded, you can join in TWG events and fundraisers for charities – in the Loss Prevention Department, we support the NZ Police to host an annual Christmas party for kids in care.

    It’s an exciting place to work – no two days are the same. Bring your own influence to your role, and you’ll be supported to be the best you can be.

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