Paul Gianotti

    GM Store Support

    Team leadership and guidance are a big part of my role. That includes directing reports and the wider team, meetings, store and regional visits, trading initiative meetings and planning, and meetings with other GMs to discuss cross-functional activities. Working with my team is the best part of my role – helping them be successful, coaching and developing them, and working together to resolve problems and deliver new initiatives.
    I’ve had 26 years in retail. Establishing, growing and owning two retail networks at age 25, and growing from scratch a pharmacy chain to 40+ stores. I also bring extensive management experience to my current role.
    I’ve worked with The Warehouse Group (TWG) for nine years, and I was very proud to be part of a team that took an underperforming Warehouse Stationery through eight consecutive years of growth (and counting). Other highlights were awards – Manager of the Year 2009, three Team of the Year awards – and being appointed as Warehouse Stationary’s GM Operations in 2011.
    The training and development opportunities have been a valuable part of my journey within the company, including attending Advanced Management, ISL Strategic Management and Strategic Retail Management programmes at Babson University.

    The changing face of retail

    No two days are the same in the retail industry – it’s dynamic and fast paced! You get a score every day on how you did the day before. There are many challenges within retail at the moment, including the rapidly changing technology.
    This means we can’t sit still – we need to be innovative, change the way we do things and then always be looking for what’s next. What excites me is how we can take our brands to the next level of retailing, plus omni-retailing. At TWG, we can shape the future of the industry.

    Why join us?

    It’s simple – you can start here and go anywhere. TWG is a place where you can build a career from the ground up. The training and development opportunities are there for any team member to take advantage of, whether they be one-to-one coaching, feedback from leaders, executives or peers, or training courses and programmes.
    First, work out your career path and be prepared for that path to change. And when you get close to a step up, start thinking and acting like you’re already there. Be prepared for hard graft, especially if you start your retail career on the shop floor. Learn the dynamics of retail, especially around those of the customer. And think like a customer always – check that what you are doing is the right thing for them.
    You’ll be working with NZ’s biggest retail group with four iconic, well-known brands. This means you are part of the ‘Kiwi landscape’. There are plenty of benefits too, a favourite one being team discounts across the brands. Plus, the people you work with are all here for the same reason – to make our stores great, help our customers have great shopping experiences, and Help New Zealand Flourish.

    You can build a career from the ground up. You’ll be working with New Zealand’s biggest retail group with four iconic brands. This means you are part of the ‘Kiwi landscape’.

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