Matt Clark

    Lead Category Manager

    My role involves reviewing historical sales and forward forecasts, and working with my team to choose the products we sell. I review trends, build promotional plans, visit stores and competitors, and attend project meetings with other functions, like Marketing and Operations.
    My role is about interacting with all the different teams to achieve results. It’s great to work in an office where everyone is so interdependent, but my favourite moments are: choosing and helping design children’s shoes and seeing them on kids’ feet, and launching seven gaming consoles into retail.
    I get to travel for work – to France, Portugal, UK, China, Australia, and USA. I’ve enjoyed helping others develop their own retail careers, and I appreciate getting regular promotions – six times now in 11 years. It’s good to be able to prove my capabilities through my work – and to have them recognised.
    I support fundraising events at the Store Support Office (SSO) and I also rally suppliers to provide prizes. Right now, I’m really proud to be making kids’ books and school stationery as affordable as possible for all Kiwis, so that money doesn’t have to be a barrier to their literacy and education.

    The changing face of retail

    Retail is fast-paced and dynamic – no day or week is ever the same, and it’s always changing as technology advances and customer demands change.
    At The Warehouse Group (TWG), we know that retail will keep evolving and that we must evolve with it or be left behind.
    I know it sounds cliché, but across TWG the culture really is customer-led and people-focused. It’s why it has been as successful as it has been – and why it will survive the future challenges. There are still hard times coming and it doesn’t always feel like it but ultimately, that sentiment at the heart of who we are, will see us get by.

    Why join us?

    The career opportunities in retail are almost endless – there are so many different companies and functions within TWG to try – Merchandise, Marketing, Finance, IT – or functions you don’t even know exist yet. Plus, TWG has a real family feel and coming to work is a blast.
    You get support to upskill and advance as well – you don’t have to do it all yourself. I’ve been on a number of courses – negotiation, change, leadership and management. I’ve also had one-on-one coaching and development from People Support and leaders.
    TWG is all about the people – it’s a company that’s trying to make a real difference to Kiwis. Here’s my advice: start where you can and work hard – recognition and reward will come to those who excel. Get ready for a fast ride – it is an awesome career but not if you prefer a slow pace. And don’t forget the benefits – like the team discount card, so you can shop for the kids (or yourself) and save.

    The culture is customer-led and people-focused and the career opportunities are almost endless. Plus, The Warehouse Group has a real family feel and coming to work is a blast.

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