Iliska Julius

    Logistics and Fulfilment Manager

    For part of every day, my role is about insurance – setting up new processes, processing claims, or working with stores. As we liaise between insurance companies, customers and the Noel Leeming store network, we deal with a multitude of people from all walks of life. I have a team that fulfils insurance claims, as well as a team for commercial fulfilment. I am also involved with Salesforce CRM for Noel Leeming, so I work closely with our vendors and key stakeholders on this integration.
    What I like about my role is the variety – doing different things – and influencing the company in my area of expertise. Implementing Salesforce as our CRM for insurance processing, plus being part of Noel Leeming Senior Leadership Group and Aspire Women in Leadership Programme were real highlights for me in my role.
    The people, and the culture within the teams, are why I love working at Noel Leeming. I am fortunate to be part of teams that strive every single day to do the best they can, and also part of a wider team that is very supportive.

    The changing face of retail

    Retail is forever evolving, which makes it an interesting industry to be involved in. Today won’t be the same as yesterday, and the technology that we use helps shape the future. As the technology advances, and more and more people go online to shop, retail has to change to keep up.
    At Noel Leeming, we’re always looking for ways to do things differently. We’re always asking how things could be done better, faster, more efficiently. Technology is a huge part of that, and this means that the future will look completely different to how we think it will be. It’s exciting to be a part of the changing landscape.

    Why join us?

    Noel Leeming is invested in the development and expertise of their people. They also invest heavily in the culture of the business, to ensure we get the right people in the right role. It’s about talented people working in the best atmosphere, so customers get the best products and service.
    Don’t be afraid to say retail is a career option – it’s one of the best. The opportunities are endless – you get exposure to a wide range of skillsets, and they are transferrable throughout different roles within the industry. This is most true at The Warehouse Group – you’ll get in-house training to help you on your career path, and support to gain outside qualifications too.
    If anyone is thinking of retail as a career, my advice would be: always look for how you can make a difference. Always look for the opportunity to put your hand up and get uncomfortable. It will get you where you want to go, and at TWG and at Noel Leeming especially, you can go far.

    Don’t be afraid to say retail is a career option – it’s one of the best. You get a wide range of skills, transferrable across different roles. That’s most true at The Warehouse Group.

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