Anna Johnson

    Executive GM of Operations

    I work across several areas of The Warehouse Group (TWG), with touch points in all departments of Noel Leeming, Torpedo7 and shared services. Most of our focus is on the people and the functionality in-store – making sure everything works for our customers.
    I’ve worked in retail for over 30 years, as a franchisee and in general management roles, and I’ve won several awards. But I’m new to TWG – I started my role at the beginning of July 2017. I’ve been warmly welcomed as a pair of fresh eyes – people are really open and I look forward to being fully immersed in the culture. Watching the America’s Cup races in the Store Support Office was a great way to start!

    The changing face of retail

    I am looking forward to how retail will look in the next 5-10 years and how we can shape that. Shopping online is happening more and more, and the important thing is to be ready to change. It’s what I’ve always loved about retail – the people and the forever-changing environment and circumstances – it keeps you on your toes and you’re always learning.
    At TWG we’ve got a great group of iconic brands with an amazing heritage that Kiwis embrace. Even better, the Group strives to stay ahead of the changes, with many people collaborating to achieve the common goals of businesses success and shaping the future.

    Why join us?

    There are all kinds of career possibilities in retail – I’m proof of that. At TWG, you get plenty of opportunity to learn new things and get ahead, on whatever path you choose. There are in-house courses, conferences and support to do tertiary study. The opportunity this affords your career and your personal development is priceless.
    I look forward to helping people achieve the next step in their career. Achieving goals and developing future strategies that shape our longevity of success. My best advice to young people, is to learn from great people all the time – listen to feedback, reflect and act on it. And put your hand up for community service – it’s another way of learning about people.
    Take on every challenge – you never know where it will lead you. Work hard, always plan and remember: what you allow, you approve; and you get what you inspect, not what you expect.

    There are all kinds of career possibilities in retail – I’m proof of that. There are in-house courses, conferences and support to take on tertiary study. The opportunity that this affords is priceless.

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