Help New Zealand Flourish, with us

Join The Warehouse Group and you’ll be Helping New Zealand Flourish. Here’s how:

You will help our team flourish

With 12,000 people working all across the country, our team is a perfect cross-section of Kiwis. That puts us in a unique position – by investing in our team, we’re also investing in the future of New Zealand. Our policies are designed to positively impact on the personal development, wellness, diversity and careers of our team, which can have a profound ripple effect. For example, our ‘Family Violence is Not OK’ and ‘Smoke Free’ workplace initiatives affect our people, their families and their friends. The diversity of our team also encourages diversity of thought and acceptance of different people in our society.

You will help NZ youth flourish

Through our Red Shirts in Schools and internship programmes we get the chance to help young Kiwis flourish, with valuable work experience and exposure to the inner workings of a large business. They can gain practical experience and certification, which paves the way for a brighter future.

You will help NZ’s technology hub flourish

As one of NZ’s largest groups, we’re leading the way with new technology to deliver better shopping experiences for our customers. This isn’t just good for our business, it also gives our people the chance to train in, develop and interact with technology that’s never been used before in New Zealand. This supports the country’s thriving innovation and technology hub, helping to embed our reputation as a global leader. In addition, our founder Sir Stephen contributes 100% of his The Warehouse Group shareholder dividends to K1W1, which invests in innovative Kiwi start-ups.

You will help NZ’s economy flourish

We have a 12,000-strong team, and a business worth close to 3 billion, with much of our profits still going back into the New Zealand economy. We’re focussed on building a company that will still be thriving in 100 years, continuing to employ Kiwis, and adding value back to New Zealand. With over 80% of New Zealand shopping with our brands, we have an opportunity to help support the economy.

You will help NZ communities flourish

With over 80% of New Zealand shopping with our brands, our stores are at the centre of many communities. That means we have an opportunity be part of positive social change, by sharing messages around things like Smokefree NZ. We also give back to local communities and encourage and support our people to do the same. Each of our 220+ stores partner with local charities to contribute to the communities that surround our stores. The annual TWG Gala dinner also raises over $600,000 for charities that Help New Zealand Flourish.

You will help the environment flourish

Our bold commitment to reducing our environmental impact means we will be Helping New Zealand Flourish in years to come. Some of our initiatives include electric charge stations at a variety of stores throughout the country, our commitment to ethical sourcing, recycling soft plastics, coordinating the annual ‘Great Community Clean Up’ and our goal to become carbon-neutral.

Are you passionate about New Zealand and ready to be part of making it a better place? When you join The Warehouse Group you’ll become part of a team that’s dedicated to changing things for the better. It’s about more than just retailing, or profit – we’re Helping New Zealand Flourish.

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